Trade crypto
options, seamlessly. is a non-custodial, RFQ-based options exchange that makes it effortless to construct option strategies on a wide range of crypto assets.


Trading on Strike is fast and intuitive.

Instantly translate your directional views into tailored options strategies and receive quotes in seconds.

Invest, hedge, and trade ranges a wide selection of tokens with Strike as your co-pilot.

Express any trading view with precision

Strike lets you construct options strategies against any strike or expiry, with liquidity sourced on-demand from leading algorithmic market makers.

The platform helps you translate price targets into options expressions, while still exposing all the parameters you need to take full control.

Trade with USDC, no pre-deposits necessary

Post collateral on a per-trade basis using only USDC. Get the exposure you want without locking up your assets in exchange wallets or risky cross-chain bridges.

Powered by bleeding-edge infrastructure

Strike features a hybrid architecture combining off-chain price discovery via Apex RFQ, with an on-chain settlement layer built on Solana.

This lets Strike offer performance and ease of integration on par with that of centralized exchanges while remaining trustless and non-custodial.


Cap your risk.

Pay fixed costs up-front to achieve the exposure you want with less capital at risk.

Forget about "scam wicks", cross-exchange transfers to collateralize directional hedges, and merciless auto liquidations.

Trade asymmetrically.

Options strategies on Strike offer embedded leverage, convex payouts, and asymmetric risk-reward profiles.

L1s? L2s? Dog Coins? Just ask.

Strike was designed with the capability to rapidly list markets on any token conditional on demand and robust oracle support.

If you’re an institutional fund or liquidity aggregator interested in using as a settlement venue for options not available anywhere else, reach out.


Developing the next generation of trustless, efficient, and equitable global financial markets.

Strike's mission is to enable equitable access to institutional-grade trading infrastructure.


On-demand liquidity

Strike is developing a deep liquidity network consisting of the world’s best quantitative trading firms.

Blazing fast performance

Instant, zero-fee RFQ & quote creation and cancellations. Trades are executed immediately after an RFQ and quote are matched, then settled on-chain within seconds.

Integrate using REST and Websockets

Strike's REST and WebSocket APIs offer abstractions over the underlying on-chain protocol, providing an API integration experience on par with centralized exchanges.


Strike is deeply committed to free software, and will open source its frontend, settlement protocol and client SDKs after completion of multiple security audits.

Institutional Grade

Settled trustlessly

All markets on Strike are fully collateralized and settled permissionlessly on-chain. Strike never has to manage liquidations, clawback users, or carry an insurance fund to ensure payouts.


All positions on Strike are minted using the spl-token standard. Traders can easily transfer positions across wallets without Strike's permission, and it’s simple for protocols to integrate Strike tokens into their own offerings.

Trustless & Secure